SLA (Stereolithograhy)

SLA (stands for Stereolithograhy) machines use 3d CAD models to build parts layer by layer, curing photo-sensitive epoxy resins with a high power UV laser.

A variety of different resins are now available. Part can be specified as rigid, flexible, white, clear etc, depending on the particular end use.

Highly complex parts can be created quickly and accurately. These can be used in their raw state for fit, form and function testing, or finished to a designated standard to produce high quality show parts.  If you need parts particularly quickly, SLA is generally the route to use, with our standard lead times being around 2-3 days or less depending on workload.

Finished SLA models are also frequently used as masters for silicone rubber and hard resin tooling.

Please call us if you require a sample of SLA material to aid your material choice.

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filter retainer
SLA model
SLA model
valve body