UK 3D Printing Service

IMIRP offer high quality 3D printed models via the SLA and SLS processes. If you can provide us with a suitable CAD model (STL, IGES, STP, Parasolid, Solidworks etc) we can normally ship your printed parts within 2-4 days, depending on part size and any secondary finishing operations that may be required such as painting or EMC shielding.

Our SLA machines have build bed sizes up to a 500mm cube, whilst our SLS capacity is 300mm cubed. Larger size models can be supplied by joining together 2 or more parts.Painted SLA virtual reality helmet

The cost of our services varies depending on each clients requirements. Therefore, please call us for a quote or just to discuss your requirements in more detail on 0121 327 3525

3D printing, as it has now commonly known, has been around for many years but is now gaining a much wider audience as the cost of entry level machines plummets.Painted SLS car door section

Virtually all 3D printers start from the same basic building block, a CAD model that can be split into layers that the relevant machine can then “print”. They can all also be grouped under the term “additive manufacturing” in that they form parts by adding material, in layers, rather than removing material from a block as would be the case with machining a component.

The machines that are now finding popular appeal are similar to inkjet printers, but instead of ink, a heated filament of plastic material is extruded through the print head to form each layer of the sls 3d printed manifoldprinted component. This is very much an extension of FDM (fused deposition modelling) technology that was developed in the late 1980’s. Although still somewhat limited in terms of accuracy and the quality of the materials they can print, the basic machines are relatively cheap to manufacture, hence their mushrooming appeal.

SLA and SLS belong to a higher level of machines that use laser technology to form the component layers. They generally have the advantage over the new mass market printers in terms of a bigger build envelope, greater degree of accuracy and materials that more closely match production intent designs. As a consequence, these types of machines are still relatively expensive and generally confined to commercial use. Polyjet and perfactory based printers would also be in this category.

If you need any samples of SLA or SLS parts to aid in your material choice, please give us a call.