Metal Components and Prototypes

sand castings

Where metal prototypes are concerned, IMIRP operate in tandem with local foundries to offer investment and sand cast parts in a variety of metals including Aluminium, Zinc, Brass, Steel and Stainless.

Wax patterns are produced in house via vacuum casting, whilst sand cast patterns are generally SLA or SLS models.

Where only one or a very limited number of prototypes is required, it is feasible to print a wax pattern using a wax 3D printer, thereby avoiding the need for any form of tooling. However, if a small run of parts is required, it is usually more economical at this point to produce a silicone rubber tool and cast the waxes. Additional features such as tapped holes, mating faces etc. can be machined in-house after casting.

Alternatively, components can be CNC machined where this is applicable.

investment castings
wax through to machined investment casting
wax for and impellor casting
plaster cast valve body
sand cast base plates
sand cast base plates